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Sunday, March 02, 2008

What I've Been Up To

I have learned how to crochet. My friend Gwen, from work, had me come over and showed me how. I don't know how to read the patterns like I do in knitting, so I am only doing a small set of coasters in single crochet first. The top coaster still needs it's tassels added on.
I've made two of this litttle guy. I think I will make a set of 4 of these coasters to give away as a Bunco prize when I hostess in April.
This project I started after my cousin had come for a visit. She was so excited that I had learned how to knit. She saw the washcloths I had already done and said she liked doiles, that she would use those as doilies 'cuz they were too pretty to scrub with. So I tried a pattern out that looked more like a doily to me. It is pretty, but very thick with this cotten yarn, so I wanted to try something thinner.....
...and I ended up getting some crochet thread and knitting with it. It is very pretty and dainty so far. I looked at a book of crochet doily patterns and my head just spun trying to decipher.
Yesterday I also frogged a whole bunch of projects that I was not happy with. I had started a Bunny Blanket Buddy for Gwen (who is pregnant) and it's head was supposed to 'magically' open up for stuffing, but it was flat. A flat, ugly bunny head was too scary to gift to a newborn. I also scapped two dishcloths that I was not happy with. Anyway, that is my progress for the last month. Hopefully it won't be as long until my next post.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some Finished Work

I got my circular petal done. I loved how it cinched in and the center just closed up - like magic! I tried to get close to give you a close up on the detail. It turned out so lovely. It will be for my mom and dad's bathroom, which is done in sunflowers and green walls.

I did 'Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth' next. It man be her fave, but it is not mine. I think the circular work tickled me so much it spoiled me for anything else right now. Also, I ran out of yarn at the very end and had to change to solid yellow. I do not care for the look, but 2 people last night said it looked like I had done it on purpose and wasn't I going to put a hook for hanging right there? Hmmmm, maybe I would like that better?
I am now working on another circular option. It is on my new size 6 needles. (Made an early morning stop at Ben Franklin yesterday before work and got 7 cololrs of sugan n cream and two new sizes of bamboo needles.) I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Circular work: A first project

I started this washcloth this morning before work. I was a bit confused at first and had to rip it all out after 3 rows, but then it all clicked and viola, I've got the start of a pretty Springtime flower facecloth. I know people will think it a doily, but really, it is not. Side note, I used my first washcloth in the shower this morning...I LOVED it!! So soft, and it was scrubby as well. Anyway, I'm sure I will post it again as a finished project. I did work on my daughter's scarf this morning for a bit as well. It is so boring compared to these fun, small projects though.
More later - Val :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

What did I do on my Snow Day?

I found out that I like creating washcloths.
Such a quick and satisfying project.

The yarn varigation makes it hard to pick out the pattern but, it is a waffle pattern on front and a spread-out rib on the back. I can't wait to make more! I'm so glad my BFF wanted to teach me knitting for my birthday, which lead to me purchasing a learn-to-knit book with her Christmas gift certificate to me this year. I can't wait to knit with her when I finally get to go visit her this year.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My new skill is knitting

Now, this is not a great skill yet, still in the learning curve. The first picture is a hot pad or trivot. The second is my first attempt at a scarf. Well, we'll see how they go. I am stoked about learning how to change colors - fun!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Megan

Hee, hee, hee. When I previewed the first blog, I noticed the date had changed over from July 2nd to the 3rd. It is now my daughter's 10th birthday. Wow, do I feel old. And, I guess I answered my first question of whether or not I'll ever post again! :)

Did I really just start my own Blog?!

Wow, hmmm, wasn't expecting to start a blog of my own. I just really wanted to be able to respond to my friend Miki's blog. Well, who knows, maybe this will be something I really do and enjoy and maybe this will be my one and only posting. We shall see! Seeing as how I really wasn't planning to start this right now, I guess this will be it for now. Bye, Val :)